What is a “Management System”?

“Management System” is a collective term that addresses all elements and practices used to direct and control business behaviours, including where applicable, interactions with suppliers and customers.

Management systems target areas of need  and typically address components such as quality management, safety management, environmental management, financial management, human resource management and stakeholder management.



Three Perspectives

Management systems apply differently throughout an organisation. For example:

  • High levels of an organisation are typically strategically focussed, whereas
  • At the “coal face” the workforce are operationally focussed.

The adjacent diagram suggests some elements you may find at different levels of an organisation.




Management System Pyramid

When developing systems and drafting any accompanying documentation, CREST Assured is conscious of three key aspects within your systems:

  1. Aspects that set organisational direction,
  2. Aspects that maintain business professionalism and productivity, and
  3. Aspects that ensure operational tasks perform to their defined performance criteria.

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