System Hosting Facility

 CREST’s “cloud-based” hosting facility reduces client systems administrative pressure by:

  • Storing system and other key documentation in a single, easily accessible location,
  • Utilising CREST’s development and administrative services,
  • Taking advantage of shared file technology.

This facility is particularly appealing to businesses that do not have a dedicated Quality or Systems Manager. 

Subscription to this service means that CREST Assured will:

  1. Perform basic system administrative functions,
  2. Keep you posted on management system developments that may require your attention,
  3. Issue you with notifications to support ongoing compliance with your system.

Using this service provides confidence and control over your system, without the historical complications of “do-it-yourself” quality assurance.

Third party certification is also simplified by the organisation and transparency of well maintained systems – no more looking for elusive material.

And there are savings for your business in not having to maintain the hardware and software to run such sophisticated systems.

CREST’s familiarity with your system and the housing software also means that system development and improvement needs can be efficiently delivered.

CREST Assured’s Systems Hosting Facility simplifies systems administration, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on your core business.

Let CREST concentrate on our core business of “supporting your business”.     

Hosting Facility


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