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Few businesses actively encourage assurance (verification), but is is a fantastic way of checking performance and deciding areas of improvement. It’s not about looking for failure and laying blame; its a simple exercise in checking that what you intend to be done, is being done.

Assurance is a deliberate search for evidence that your systems are working.

The type and extent of assurance activity relies on the nature and risks within your business, so it does need a degree of planning, often resulting in a program of routine inspections and audits.

Assurance is a key feature within the quality, safety and environmental standards, which specifically identify activities such as customer surveys, internal auditing, process and product monitoring and the subsequent control of non-conformity.

In many situations the customer will expect or maybe even demand that assurance activities occur. A civil works contract for example, often prescribes the amount of safety and environmental inspection and auditing that the Principal Contractor must undertake.

A significant pitfall is the failure to scrutinise assurance activity results, therefore missing out on knowledge and improvement benefits. And if your business repeatedly discovers the same problems, you have a bigger, “assurance problem”.

CREST Assured can help you understand assurance. We will advise on your specific needs and develop tools that compliment your business. We will help management and employees come up to speed with performing assurance activities and assist examination of results and consideration of improvement opportunities.

We are happy to perform inspection and audit activities but maintain that the best long-term value for you, is for us to help your business grow its assurance capability.

Organisations that have accredited management systems are definitely familiar with audit and assurance activities, internal and third-party auditing being standard practice. In these situations, it may be helpful to have CREST Assured provide objective assistance to your internal resources.

Inspections, audits and like activities provide comfort;
so that you can rest ASSURED your organisation is functioning as intended.

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