2022 Edit – 1. About the QSE Management Systems Project

Before getting too far into this website, perhaps you would appreciate a little background information.

This website is dedicated to what I have labelled my “QSE Management Systems Project”, an initiative that I have established to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for QSE management systems with small business.

This project will clarify your systems needs, simplify the message and
provide guidance and support.

Why small business?

Because typically, small businesses don’t have the resources to effectively research and develop systems on their own.

And I have huge respect for small business and the contributions they make to our communities and economy.

Why me?

Because I’m a systems type of guy (I don’t know why, it’s just how I think) with over ten years experience in management system development and implementation.

I’d also like to do something meaningful; so helping small business with something that I enjoy seems like a good idea.

What does the QSE Management Systems Project look like?

1. Videos

This project consists largely of a series of video presentations that I will progressively develop to:

  • Introduce systems, their benefits and other relevant matters, and
  • Review and discuss the content of the Australian and New Zealand QSE Management System Standards.

2. Support Material

In the process of discussing the standards, I will introduce homework exercises that will help consolidate your learning and begin to develop or improve your systems.

3. Ongoing Discussion

I will also respond to questions either directly or in regular blogs and supporting videos.

Suggested use of the QSE Management Systems Project.

My intention is that small businesses will engage with the material provided and use it as a “curriculum for systems development” over whatever period of time you require.

Having said that, individual business needs will vary, so how you use this information is entirely up to you.

Questions and Further Information

If you do have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line; my intention after all is to help you and your business.

Craig McCormack
E: craig@crestqa.com.au