Welcome to CREST Assured.

Our role is to help businesses realise their potential by assisting you with the development and implementation of business management systems.

A Business Management System is a methodical framework used to maximise the effectiveness of processes and practices within your business.  

Often these systems relate to quality, safety and environmental management, but what you include in your system depends largely on your business objectives and management preferences.

Many businesses do not have the internal resources to develop and maintain effective systems, which leaves two options:

  1. Suffer the constraint of inadequate systems, or
  2. Seek external support.

CREST Assured would like to discuss your business system needs and then assist you with addressing system shortfalls.

We believe in “fit-for-purpose” and “keep it simple” – because systems are meant to assist the success of your business, not impede it.

We combine your knowledge of your business with our knowledge of systems.

Our core business activities are:

  1. Providing advice to further your understanding of management systems,
  2. Consulting your business in the development of “fit-for-purpose” systems,
  3. Documenting your systems, and
  4. Assisting your business with implementation of its systems.

We commonly service  construction and manufacturing industries in the disciplines of quality, safety and environmental management but have experience with other types of system needs, including for example food safety programs.

System requirements and preferences are unique to your business and we encourage you to develop the systems you want, after all, it is your business.

Please review and enjoy the contents of this web site and if you have any questions or business support needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Craig McCormack
Director, CREST Assured

Supporting Business – Development, Documentation and Assisted Implementation of Business Management Systems

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